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For Honor - Samurai Campaign: Chapter 3.3 All Collectible Locations (All Observables & Breakables)

All collectible locations in the Samurai Campaign, Mission 3.3: Picking up the Pieces. There are a total of 6 Observables and 5 Breakables to get in this sub chapter. As soon as you interact with a collectible, it is saved for good (For Honor is an online only game, so all the data is saved online).

The collectibles in this game give you customization rewards, and materials to make armor etc. So it is well worth getting them all. You will also get the "Hooligan" and "Lore Master" trophies / achievements for getting all of them in the story.

None of them are missable, and if you happened to have missed any then just replay the chapter and get the ones you missed. You can check which ones you are missing by selecting the chapter from the main menu and then it'll show how many you have, and how many you don't have.


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Following this For Honor Collectibles Video Series will Earn you the Following Trophies/ Achievements:

Hooligan Get 100 % of the Breakables from all Missions in Story Mode.

Lore Master Get 100 % of the Observables from all Missions in Story Mode.

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  • 事態の収拾 - 注目&破壊ポイント

    このページはフォーオナーのストーリーモードの第三章『3.3 - 事態の収拾』に登場する注目ポイントと破壊ポイントの場所をまとめています。 ネタバレ満載なのでお気をつけください。...



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